“How we will recover from this?”

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, many companies have started to ask this question.

The Emergent Alliance is the response from a growing number of global brands who believe in using big data for the greater good. By combining our private and public data sets, we aim to accelerate and smooth economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. We want to help governments, businesses and communities help each other in recovery. With better data, we can provide better insights meaning better outcomes for all.

The two pillars of activity centre around the following challenges:

  1. Can a broad set of economic, behavioural and sentiment data, be fused together and analysed to provide new insights and practical applications to the global COVID-19 response, as well as the economy and its recovery?
  2. Can we use these models to identify lead indicators signalling economic recovery cycles that global businesses can use to build operating confidence in investment and activities that shorten or limit recessionary impacts?

As the Emergent Alliance grows and flexes to accommodate the unknown, focus areas may change.

Getting Involved

What we ask of contributing Emergent Alliance members:

  • Accept our Statement of Intent
  • Publish challenge statements to the participant community
  • Make datasets and /or tools available either in the public domain or to a secure environment for invited participants
  • Lend time and expertise to address published challenges

Membership is voluntary. All assets, activities and outcomes are deemed pro bono and to be used for the common good without financial commitment or recovery. We hold to the highest standard for ethical data use.

Anyone can take part in Emergent Alliance challenges and we welcome the community to take part in crunching public data with alliance members to derive insights.

Contributing Members

Create and apply insights to your organisation that can help improve operations and policies.


Get access to data and ideas that can support your research or learning.

Citizen Data Scientists

Get access to data and compute power to explore new hypotheses and try out new techniques.

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